“Everything I Know About Coupons & Consumer Loyalty”

(working title, publishing January 2015)

As a young consumer analyst at Grey Advertising, just as the Internet dawn was breaking in 1993, I fell in love with the art and science of consumer marketing. Later, at coolsavings.com, at the height of the dot com boom and subsequent bust – I fell in love with the potential for technology to bring consumers and the businesses with which they chose to transact with in closer relationship with each other.

This book synthesizes all 20 years of my learning from the early days in branding and consumer analysis at Grey Advertising to my final days at Catalina Marketing … into a simple, succinct perspective which will answer all of the following questions and more:


  • Who uses coupons and why? (Consumers, Retailer, Brands)
  • The relative pros and cons of the various forms and formats from the various players
  • When is targeting a coupon a good idea, when is it not?
  • Why haven’t digital coupons reached critical mass?  When will (why won’t) FSI’s go away?
  • Who is making a profit in the coupon ecosystem and how/why?


  • What really drives brand an retail loyalty?
  • Are coupon users inherently loyal or disloyal brand shoppers?
  • When is loyalty a waste, when is it right, when is it counter-productive?

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