Don’t Quit Your Marketing Job! 2 Helpful Tips to Make It Easier

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If you are employed anywhere in the art & discipline of marketing, this clip of Kevin Spacey  from American Beauty will resonate with you, to a dangerously close degree (the more so the longer you’ve been in it and the more you are paid). And you may think it is because the space has gone completely insane, and you would be right. I mean, look at this graphic.  LOOK AT IT.  Are you kidding me?  Over 950 companies and it’s not even complete – Catalina Marketing isn’t even on the slide… no brick & mortar commerce is represented in any direct fashion and it’s still intimidating as hell!   It is so easy to feel stupid, inadequate, behind and incompetent.   If you feel that way, it is really, really important for you to know that you are – very likely – the smartest person in the room.  DO NOT LET THE HYPE INTIMIDATE YOU. You’re like the “divergent” ones (if you saw the movie or read the series). The rest of the population – most especially those who are prone to believe the simulations – need you to help figure out what is real and what is not.  The fate of your company, literally, is in your hands if you don’t speak up. Believe in yourself. I know it’s hard. And I also know that if you do the personal accounting, it’s also not actually worth it, but I offer to you anyway…because I believe in you… 2 Tips to Make Your Marketing Job Easier  (in the form of Scenario & Response) …which I hope will encourage you to keep the good fight going  – specifically, the one in your brain that is trying to think for itself and figure it out using logic, reason and strategy: Scenario 1: John “Know-It-All” Doe (client or industry guru or competitior) tries to invalidate you by asking if you if you have heard of a company that you have not heard of but which can do all the things your own company and service cannot do. In 2010 I was the 4th most traveled person at my company, helping to introduce a new digital offering to clients. I was in such high demand because entering into a discussion about digital marketing with their clients made the sales professional feel vulnerable, for very good and logical reasons (these sales people are some of the most impressive individuals I’ve ever met, they aren’t easily intimidated). The client would ask…  “Well, have you heard of company X? They said they could do A, B and C…you guys can only do B” (I paraphrase of course). The salesperson would feel stupid if they didn’t know the...

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Upstream Insight on Bluetooth LE/iBeacon (for non-techies)

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There’s new technology out there creating some buzz. It’s simply the ability for a one-way communication  to occur between your smartphone and one or more radio frequency emitting device(s), called “beacon(s)”.   The capability is enabled by Bluetooth Low Energy  (aka Bluetooth LE). Common Base Use Case for Retail: If a retailer places beacon “123” in the cereal aisle, then the beacon can help a receiving device (like your smartphone) know two things: 1) How far away from the cereal you are (and, potentially, are you nearing or exiting) 2) Whether or not you are in the cereal aisle (and, potentially, how long have you been standing there) What your smartphone (or any other receiving device) then does with that information is a function of the application you have downloaded on the phone – with the most frequent ideas bandied about including the triggering additional product information, coupons or videos.  Dave Peterson, senior group manager of digital vendor marketing at Target, is looking at allowing brands to deliver promotions and messages to consumers through iBeacon while in a Target store. (source: MediaPost) What is making the functionality buzz-worthy is that it has all the hallmarks of a classic Clayton Christensen-like disruptive innovation, with the potential to revolutionize many  value propositions – from the supply-chain to health and wellness applications (are you wearing a FitBit right now? If so, you’re already using it. ) As for Retail Marketers, there are two features which make this technical capability particularly exciting:  1. Cost. Bluetooth LE makes location-based solutions, services and marketing not only more accurate, they are extremely affordable. The beacons, which essentially transmit a continuous messages that says “here I am”, cost very little, between $3 and $5  (actual cost of components) and are powered by common, inexpensive batteries. (Estimote sells a developers package, which includes 3 beacons, for $99 on their site today.) 2. Lower barriers/dependence on consumer compliance. Most exciting to retail marketers is that it removes a significant amount of dependance on consumer compliance to enable location-triggered marketing – which should, theoretically, increase the scale potential of location-based marketing solutions. The consumer no longer has to remember to open the app on their phone when they enter the store. As long as the consumer has downloaded the retailer’s app at some point prior (and are allowing notifications from the app), the app can open or trigger a notification (or video, or coupon) automatically when the consumer is near a relevant beacon. Still to be figured out… 1) Will engagement decline after initial use or will consumers love it?   How the technology is used to improve the in-store consumer value proposition will be critical. Personally, I haven’t seen or heard of very many use...

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