Data “Toxic” To Retailers (Business Insider)

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Wow, what a headline. The proverbial double-bind, which I happen to have a lot of experience with, comes to mind here… if you don’t collect data and use it effectively to personalize your service to consumers and keep it absolutely safe… you’re toast.  If you do, you’re a target. Tough world out there for marketers these days. Data “Toxic” To Retailers (Business...

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Making Sense of Data (via @MediaPost)

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As someone who is really trying to seek “illumination” in today’s crazy marketing tech landscape (seriously, it’s insane…check it out here), I really love the following quote as well as the author’s breakdown of categories and uses. He uses statistics as a drunken man uses a lamp post — for support rather than illumination —  Andrew Lang, a Scottish poet. There are smart, thinking marketing/tech/data people out there…they are just being drowned out by the hype creators and chasers, for now. Making Sense of Data (via @MediaPost)               Susan O’Neal Gear has over 20 years of experience at the intersection of consumers, marketing and technology. Passionate about all aspects of a consumer’s relationship with brands and retailers, we’re spending the next year looking for new, groundbreaking thought leadership  – if not disruptive solutions – with the potential to redefine the parameters of consumer loyalty. If you also want to see some game changing happen -then follow Upstream Insight, contribute your voice, share this post…do...

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GOOGLE EXPANDS SAME-DAY DELIVERY: Google announced that its same-day delivery service, called Google Shopping Express, will soon be available in Los Angeles and Manhattan. Shoppers can go to and order items from Google’s participating partners, which includes major retail brands such as Costco, Target, and Walgreens. “It’s a big team and a major multi-year commitment for Google,” Tom Fallows, head of Google Shopping Express, was quoted as saying in The New York Post. Fallows’ comment implies that Google will be rolling out the service to more cities. Read more: Related, earlier posts: Grocery eCommerce by the Numbers Latest on eCommerce Trends Amazon Prime Pantry...

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