Set the strategy, get everyone on the same page and execute the strategy with a seamlessly in-sync team. Keep apprised of your dynamic and increasingly fast changing industry, but don’t get distracted. Keep your focus straight ahead, but don’t turn a blind eye to what is happen to the right, left or behind you. 

Most management teams and leaders will find this nearly impossible.  And yet the pace of innovation and change demands that you continually question and re-evaluate.

Upstream Insight offers consulting services that bravely and compassionately challenge your current strategies, assumptions and perspectives – without distracting you or your team from the current plan.  Armed with a thorough review of all your options, you will charge ahead with confidence…whether that involves a change in course or staying the course. 

Upstream Insight will help you and your team…

  • Explore alternative strategies and tactics without causing confusion or insecurity about your current strategy.
  • Understand the cause(s) of past or present failures in a constructive and useful manner while there is still time to make corrections.
  • Have a clearer view of how your competition may be viewing the market and their opportunities to win.

Respect and compassion. At Upstream Insight, we know how hard it is to lead, because we’ve done it. We will challenge and push your thinking with respect and compassion, not arrogance.

Why we do it?  Because life’s too short and work should be fun, exhilarating and exciting. We love the way a team ignites when the path to winning big is illuminated.

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