My dog James, an daily inspiration to live and love all out.

My dog James, an daily inspiration to live and love all out.


This is my dog, James.

I’ve seen a quote and an image something like this before – it features a dog running as fast as he can and he looks so happy – the quote on the graphic is

“Live life like someone left the gate open.”

My kids and I often reference the quote out loud when James is running around full tilt, as he was just before this photo was taken.

“Hey Mom, James is living like someone left the gate open!”

We love to watch him. Something about the pureness of the joy, the fact that he will run and run and run until he is completely and happily spent, that I admire… and, honestly, sometimes I’m even jealous of him and the pureness of his joy and the simplicity of his exhaustion having put all his energy into his joy.

So for Inspiration Monday, I offer this awesome picture of my dog James – taken right after he had run his heart out through mud puddles and rolled around in freshly cut grass – and a slightly modified quote, that seems more possibly than living my whole life that way…I can do this for one day, just enjoy it – go all out – don’t worry about anything…

“Live TODAY like someone left the gate open.”

If it gets really messy, you can always take a bath, get a good night’s sleep and try again tomorrow :-).

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