Be so good they can't

When faced with obstacles or ignorance or any other kind of headwind, you have two choices:

1.  Assume they know something you don’t or that you “can’t” or that “it’s no use”  –  and then  back down into your corner with a little less confidence, a little less self-esteem and a lot less power.


2.  Keep going, keep trying to get better, keep learning  …”BE SO GOOD THEY CAN’T IGNORE YOU”…. and in the process, get stronger, more confident, more powerful.

I don’t care if your points of view are aligned or not aligned with mine on any given topic. What’s important is not who is “right” but who is ALIVE and participating. This is the only way we grow – as a human, as a leader, as a company, as a country, as a society.

We need more people to choose option 2.

Be so good they can't


Susan O’Neal Gear has over 20 years of experience at the intersection of consumers, marketing and technology. Passionate about all aspects of a consumer’s relationship with brands and retailers, we’re spending the next year looking for new, groundbreaking thought leadership  – if not disruptive solutions – with the potential to redefine the parameters of consumer loyalty. If you also want to see some game changing happen -then follow Upstream Insight, contribute your voice, share this post…do something!