(Credit: AP Photo/Vincent Michel)

(Credit: AP Photo/Vincent Michel)

While I am in agreement with Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell on most of his 10 tenets of leadership, the following is my favorite:

10. “You know you’re a good leader when people follow you out of curiosity.” 

(Although I do recognize that curiosity, by itself, isn’t always a compliment – thinking of reality TV, as one example).

I respectfully, but expressly, disagree with only one:

3. Leaders should never show fear or anger. “You have to have a sense of optimism.”

Being human is an important part of being a leader.  Fear and anger are part of being human. If you never appear to feel those two emotions, you may earn people’s respect, but you won’t earn their trust. What you do, how you handle yourself when your team knows that you are fearful or angry or vulnerable – that is more impactful than being impervious to negative emotion altogether.

10 Leadership Tenets from Colin Powell