Susan O’Neal Gear is the founder of Upstream Insight.  With over 20 years of experience in the fields of consumer research, brand strategy, targeted marketing, promotionsloyalty and digital consumer engagement  – very few people can translate todays confusing trends into strategies as quickly and as comprehensively as Susan.

Impactful…gets things done; smart, superior customer focus and relationships; great presence; intelligent, insightful and experienced; high energy and emotion about business; very engaged…her professional commitment is unique.” – Dick Buell, former CEO Catalina Marketing 

(Susan) “got it” and had the rare ability to blend together strategic insight with knowing how to get things done. She was not afraid to roll up her sleeves and dive right in. – Matt Moog; former CEO Coolsavings.com

Susan is a unique combination of having a broad strategic business mind and at the same time, managing people and projects in an extremely efficient manner.– Rick Mansfield, former Chief Marketing Officer Catalina Marketing Corporation

Passionate about all aspects of a consumers relationship with brands and retailers, and an essential optimist, Susan excels in finding the untapped opportunity and combining that perspective with an a practical understanding of what it takes to then make it happen.

(Susan) you were always the one person I trusted to know exactly how and why things were done. – Steven Greenfield, VP R&D & Fellow, Catalina Marketing

Susan has a “can do” attitude and a grace about getting it done. You can always count on her to persevere.” – Tim Teran, former SVP Managing Director Grey Worldwide New York

Why Upstream Insight? Why Now?

To varying degrees, all human beings want to be a part of something greater; they want to change the world and leave a legacy – this is true of all of us.  Susan’s passion for the potential of technology and innovation to bring marketers closer to their consumers is contagious. She makes big things happen, because the people around her believe it is both possible and critically important. 

(Susan) has special capabilities of communicating complex strategies and business process to her internal and external clients in a practical, straightforward manner. Clients and associates are quickly drawn to the passion and energy level she brings to her work. – Randy Tidmore, Exec Director, Retail Partnership Solutions, Catalina Marketing

(Susan) you have literally left me speechless after presentations, reading your LinkedIn blogs…Your word choice, your expression, your examples, are always perfect…it is a wonderful quality you have…It is your magic.    – Angie Kimes,  VP Business Development, Catalina Marketing

Dear Susan, I want to personally congratulate you on winning the Best of the Bullseye Award for Effectiveness. Frankly, we could make a very strong case to recognize Catalina Marketing for each of the recognition categories, including Leadership, Innovation and Collaboration. You have consistently approached your partnership with Target with an open mind and the enthusiasm to tackle new opportunities with remarkable speed, agility and efficiency. I especially appreciate your willingness to challenge us with new ideas and to position Target to be a leader in launching new innovation capabilities. – Steve Eastman, former President, Target.com 

Susan lives in Tampa, Florida with two daughters, a son, dog and somewhere between 10 and 15 fish.